Since moving to Zurich, I have picked up hiking as a favourite sport. I have started maintaining a list of hikes since 2016.

I occassionally go biking for 800 m climbs around Zurich. It used to me primary sport during PhD. I like uphill (800 - 1000 m) or long distance (~100 km) biking on my mountain bike. I tried some long bike rides outside Boston and it was fun. The French Riviera is a dream spot for biking. My dream is to do La Bonnet someday.

I like bouldering at Minimum boulders. I climbed at Brooklyn Boulders and MIT climbing gym while I was in Boston. I compiled a list of climbing gyms in the Boston metropolitan area. Bouldering is a social sport and I am always happy to go with people.

My best run was 14 km in 1:04:00 in a bygone era of youth when I was on the happier side of 25. My sensitive left knee does not let me run as often as I should, plus its hard :( I cannot run or bike on a treadmill. There is something about outdoors that keeps me going. I can swim a little – 2km breaststroke in a 1 hour session but my front-crawl is terrible.


I like reading for leisure. I currently have enough books to keep me occupied for the next 7-8 months. After that I will try to buy these books.


I am trying to teach myself some piano. I do not have time to take organised lessons, so I am sticking to online tutorials and self practice. Hopefully, some day I will be able to play some real music.

Past Hobbies

In days of distant past, I continued an ancestral tradition of philately. I still have the complete collection.