Virtual Chaotic Traffic Simulation

Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP) 2010

Gaurav Chaurasia, B. Radhika Selvamani, Nithi Gupta, Subodh Kumar

This paper presents a novel traffic simulation scheme capable of modeling most forms of urban, chaotic traffic. Different from other lane-based or following-based approaches, ours models traffic as a large navigational problem in an agent based simulation context. While this generalization makes the traffic more reflective of certain scenarios, it also leads to some complexity that we address. It is able to handle dense traffic and selects for each car, independently, the optimal velocity and acceleration to find a path through a fast evolving obstacle network. The selection of parameters at each simulation step is posed as an optimization problem ensuring smooth motion subject to car kinematics. In addition to overtaking, the approach is efficiently able to handle hard cases like behavior at traffic lights and turning. We demonstrate our simulation at real-time rates using average computing resources.


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